Orto Felice

The Orto Felice is an important part of daily life in our Borgo, involving everyone who lives at San Felice.


The “Orto e l’Aia nel Borgo” was created as a social agriculture project intended to improve the quality of life for disabled children by helping them socially integrate and offering them the opportunity to work. Thanks to the participation of local pensioners, we were able to create important synergies that allowed the knowledge of local agriculture to be passed down to younger generations during an intergenerational exchange that has become like the glue binding together the entire local community.


Sharing is the spirit of the Orto: the sharing of experiences and emotions that unfolds according to the rhythm of the seasons. Waiting for seeds to sprout; experiencing the joy of the harvest; the constant dedication of caring for and transforming the raw materials – all of this happens at the Orto Felice. It is a form of “life gym” for the children, who “train” together guided by a teacher who helps them to continually explore their own abilities in order to enrich their competencies and conquer new challenges.


Many initiatives have come out of this experience, including a close collaboration with the Chef of Poggio Rosso and Osteria del Grigio, who uses only the freshest, seasonal, local farm-to-table ingredients.

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