San Felice wishes to conserve the uniqueness of this land, so that it may be handed down to future generations. This is why we care about the environment, while also ensuring that the activities we engage in are economically sustainable.
More than ever before, the Chianti landscape and the beauty of the village is being safeguarded, by preserving its most prestigious buildings and even the old dry stone walls. Efforts are made to limit land erosion by continuing to preserve the terrace cultivations and constantly analysing any changes in the flora and micro fauna.
The vineyards are managed using the “Precision wine-growing” method, which enables purpose-made treatments for each plant, resulting in a reduced environmental impact and a higher quality product. Particular attention is paid to the biodiversity of the cultivars: thanks to the experimental research carried out by the Vitiarium, hundreds of species have been grown and studied for over thirty years, not only enabling us to assess what return they can give to the company but also to prevent them from being forgotten.
Sustainability also means participation, thanks to the projects implemented by the UMANA MENTE Foundation of the Allianz Group, whose mission is to engage young people who are just starting out and the elderly folk wishing to pass on their knowledge and experience.
Neither can we forget the many activities dedicated to differently-abled youngsters with problems of social inclusion.